Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beginning...

Sandy Christiano and Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay) are the two names of inspiration behind this blog and I’m excited to share the impact they’ve had on my life.

Sandy is my sister and she is two years older than me. I have three older sisters but she and I are the closest in age and probably the closest in spirit. I’m actually the baby, so essentially I had four mothers growing up. I have a different connection with each of them (that I appreciate and enjoy very much) but in many ways, Sandy has helped me become the person I am today. I’m not sure she ever wanted that job, because believe me, it wasn’t easy. The youngest usually means brat and that four letter word was me for most of my life. :) If people ever heard us fighting back in the day, they would think we were in a knockdown drag out cage match. Luckily, our fights never came to blows!

I have spent 37 years with her and there is no way that I can list everything she has done for me… but just know that whenever I needed someone to lean on, talk to, share with and analyze with, she was and is always right there. Recently, after reading Tony Hsieh’s new book, “Delivering Happiness” and feeling his passion, I began to question my truest passion. So of course I did what I always do, I called Sandy. We talked about my personality, my creativity, my life, etc. but soon realized an answer wasn’t going to come during that conversation.

I woke up the next day and knew I wanted to focus more on my creative side, and pay attention to the things that naturally flowed through me. And then it hit me and it hit me hard…I love reading about inspirational people, I love meeting them, I like hearing their stories, I like sharing their stories; I like it all! I'm not tied to any type of outcome for this blog and that’s the most exciting part!

Sandy’s support has helped me to recognize many things within myself and she truly is an inspiration to me. She is unlike anyone I have ever met. She radiates truth and beauty and it’s a part of everything she does. She’s fun and funny and very intelligent. She can open her mind to anything and the possibilities endlessly flow. Her wisdom seems to come directly from the Universe and her ability to connect with that has always been an inspiration for me. I can sum it up with a poem I had written years ago, and still holds true to this day…

One more thing you should know -a while back she and I were brainstorming names for my Marketing Company and she is the one that came up with the name Kenergy. It’s funny to see how this name keeps transforming. Thank you Sandy!


A mother, a sister, a wife and a friend
All this as well as honest ears to lend
Never impatient, always so kind
Her angelic nature creates an unselfish mind

Words like gold, advice without lies
Her gifted ability to genuinely analyze
Who would we turn to, where would we go
If we never encountered the depth of her soul

I am one of her sisters so I want you to see
The profound impact she has had on me
Related by blood, yet bonded by spirit
A best friend to me but obviously can share it

Who profits the most and forever will
Are her beautiful children their hearts she fills
With love and security and patience so rare
While discipline and scolding is still lined with care

Never forget the faith you give
Always remember your capabilities that live
Let no deny it or take it away
You're an amazing person Sandy

That's all I should say!


John said...

What an uplifing service you're providing,it's so refreshing to read positive inpirational stories.

Charlotte said...

I see this new blog helping many people to live their lives the way they choose!